Poster: Cillit Band



Logo: The Growlery

Logo: The Growlery

Logo for studio complex and generally hangout of miserable, dusty, heartless old curmudgeon (i.e. our converted garage/man cave).
Generally just another excuse for more Victorian typography, more interlocking, oversized init-caps, more crosshatch shading blah, blah.
This one is leather-bound and if you get close enough to your screen, you can actually smell the rich mahogany.

Logo: A Million Birds

Logo: A Million Birds

Originally conceived as a Christmas logo variant this was, in truth, little more than an opportunity to produce some rampantly neo-Victorian typography. I love the intricacy of those old, engraved logos and letterheads and always like to work in that style, although my efforts are very modest compared to the original craftspeople of that age.